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Why Did I Decide to take Digital History?

I decided to take Adventures in Digital History, not only because it fulfills graduation requirements, but it will hopefully help with what I hope to do in the future. My plan after obtaining my history major is to then go to graduate school for Library Science and then get a job in digital archives. I am hoping that this course will help me at least being to understand how the historical field has begun to integrate with technology and how we can make positive use of technology to share historical knowledge.

When I think about digital history is I think about how technology has been used to examine, study, observe, and share history. Whether using technology to find information about an ancestor from across the world or using technology to figure out the age of discovered artifacts; historians now have a great resource that they can use to aid in their research and that should be utilized not only for their purposes but for sharing historical information.

When I think about digital humanities I think about how humanities fields can use the internet study and find trends of human behavior. In today’s time technology and the internet make it easier (in some ways) to gather types of information that would have been harder a century or more ago when physical records were all that one could rely on.

There are many similarities between the two fields and I believe it would be near impossible to explore one field without interacting with the other, but the main difference between the two is that digital history is broader when it comes to what is covered under the word history. Digital history can cover from financial records to digital renditions of a damaged artifact. Digital humanities tends to focus on humanities, on the behavior, records, or portrayal of humans throughout time.

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