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Lessons on Digital History

Alyssa K. Brown

I did not necessarily learn anything new by looking at Alyssa’s site, however, exploring her site did confirm the notion, the simpler the better. It was easy to navigate and displayed her different works and accomplishments that would be easy to share with future employers or contacts.

Footprints in the Digital Age

I really enjoyed reading this article, while the author, Will Richardson, was discussing the constant changes and adaptations to living in a digital age, it was still written in a conversational tone. I would say my biggest takeaway from this article was the importance of transparency. How it is better to be open about what you are sharing and not to be afraid to shares your struggles or failures as you work on projects, and how this transparency might help in the long run if others are searching you to see what you have accomplished and can see that you are capable of acknowledging your issues, but also showing how you worked through those problems.

Stella Swope

I really enjoyed Stella’s site, it is honestly what I would expect when looking at a photographer’s site. The gallery layout is a great resource to be able to show off multiple projects you have done. The only thing I would say is when looking, specifically at her designs gallery, I would have been interested in what the background and reasoning for these different designs were. But overall I love how she kept it simple and focused on sharing her projects.

Digital Tattoos

I think that the Digital Tattoos project is something that we need in today’s day in age. The ability to learn about how you are presenting yourself on the internet truly does matter and to be able to learn about what you can do to change how you share yourself digitally is an immensely important resource.

Controlling Your Public Appearance

The beginning story of this article was really interesting because when thinking about people who have a smaller digital presence, realize that even a simple comment can be the first thing that people learn about them. As well as talking about being a teenager and being afraid of your parents finding your secret social media account, it is something that a large number of people have gone through or are going through. This article can open one’s eyes to how people view them on the internet when they make little to no effort of controlling their digital identity.

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