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Omeka Site Reviews

DIY History (

The site DIY History is well organized. The main page has hyperlinks to make finding what you’re searching for easy. The about page is informative in not only providing information on the purpose of the site and how it came to be but also information on what software they use. Under the about page there is also information about who can participate in transcribing for the site, which is helpful for those like myself who like to transcribe and this is a good opportunity to work on gaining experience. The Transcribe page is very well set up, not only is the transcription there but also an image of the original document so one can look at both. There is also a translate tab where translations of the original can be made and posted to be more inclusive to other languages. The style of the website is simple but effective, the colors are not distracting but help with making distinctions for separate tabs.

St. John’s College (

The site St. John’s College is well done. The about page is not only informative with information but also with contact information that those using this site might need for further assistance. The main thing I noticed about this site is that it makes good use of hyperlinks, they are not under or overused and also stand out against the surrounding text. The simple color scheme of the site is not distracting to the information. The collected information is easy to search, there is an all items tab to search all collections, there is a list of collections to find what you might be specifically looking for, and there are also specific tabs for locational collections. Under these locational collection tabs, hyperlinks are well used and there is more information about these separate collections.

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