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The Role of Copyright in Digital History

I looked at the discussion sections of the Wikipedia pages Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, and Tower of London in order to see the progression and changes made to these pages. The first thing that I noticed is that people were not afraid to ask any kind of questions, add information, make a comment, or discuss what is on the page. The contributions seemed to all be made in an effort to make the Wikipedia pages more accessible and understandable, as well as to make sure that the information being provided was factual, or at the least stated the fact this a certain fact is what is believed, but the lack of evidence behind these beliefs.

It was also really interesting to read the comments left because it really felt like everyone was working together on this one digital history project, and despite there being input from multiple people of different locations and backgrounds, their main focus was making sure that the wiki pages were factual, accessible, grammatically correct, and not missing important parts about the different topics, to the best of their ability.

For the MWC at UVA/UMW Name changes project, the Creative Common License is going to fall under the library’s jurisdiction and follow what is already being done in the way of copyright laws; as the site will not only be apart of UMW’s library site, but the library is also going to care for the site in the long run.

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